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Move Tech/Server_switch_2020 to Tech/Server_switch at Metawiki - too many subpages
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We have a default message for server switch that happen twice a year. This page has been created for 2020 moves, but is still used nowadays, benefiting from translations that have already been provided.

This "2020" date confuses users, and It is not possible to rename this page. This translatable page consists of over 500 pages. Moving this many pages has been found to be unreliable. This has to be done by a system administrator, or via a maintenance script.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-06-30T16:30:52Z] <urbanecm> mwscript extensions/Translate/scripts/moveTranslatablePage.php --wiki=metawiki 'Tech/Server_switch_2020' 'Tech/Server_switch' 'Martin Urbanec' --move-subpages --reason='per [[:phab:T285866]]' # T285866

The talk page has been moved by Quiddity.

Thank you for taking care of this!