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Encourage respectful language in talk page messages
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This task represents the work involved with introducing a nudge/hint/etc. of some sort that encourages people using the New Discussion Tool and/or Reply Tool to speak in a way that is civic/respectful to others.

This task is inspired by:


As an editor who is motivated to improve Wikipedia and collaborate with others seeking to do the same, I want people who are starting new conversations on talk pages and/or commenting in existing ones to do so in ways that we, as a Movement, deem to be civil and respectful [i] so that the wikis can remain an environment all people can describe as, "...inclusive, welcome, safe, and harassment-free..." [ii]



Note: see T274832#7178086 for thoughts about how this might be integrated with the DiscussionTools interfaces.

i. Read: in ways that uphold the Universal Code of Conduct

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Other places doing this seem to be attempting to employ sentiment analysis of the message that's about to be posted. Do we have anything that'd help with that already?