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Remove /home page
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With the new eligibility UX implemented, we no longer have a use for this intermediary page. It can be removed, and logging in should take users straight to my_library if they are eligible.

Acceptance criteria

  • Eligible users who log in should be sent to /users/my_library
  • Ineligible users who log in should see the ineligibility screen
  • The /home view has been removed.

This task should not be merged to production until all subtasks of T285929 are ready to deploy.

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Ajay47 added a subscriber: Ajay47.
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Sorry, I mistakenly moved the task to open.

Can I work on this task?

No problem @Ajay47 - this task is queued up for our team to work on. Check out Library-Card-Platform for other tasks you could work on :)

okay no problem, thanks I will pick some other task from it :)