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Add FAQ section to wordpress plugin page
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Add an FAQ section to the Wikipedia Preview wordpress plugin page.
FAQs to appear below the screenshots.

FAQ content:

Is Wikipedia Preview free?
Yes, Wikipedia Preview is free. It has been made available to you by Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that powers Wikipedia with a mission of free knowledge equity.

Does Wikipedia Preview work on any word?
The Wikipedia Preview works with any word or phrase that has an article on Wikipedia, in any of the available languages.

What is the flow for implementing the Wikipedia Preview links in a post?
When writing articles, decide which words show a Wikipedia popup on a particular post. The process of enabling the Wikipedia popup on a specific word is identical to adding a hyperlink.

After the implementation of Wikipedia Preview will there be any impact on the size of the page? Will it get laggy?
The words that will have a Wikipedia Preview popup on your site need to be annotated. Those annotations add to the page size but not more than the regular hyperlinks you already use.

Is it compatible with all the browsers?
The Wikipedia Preview is compatible with Browser Versions
Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge (Current and previous version), Safari 5.1+, iOS 6.1+ and Android 4.1+

How can we share our experience with Wikipedia Preview with you?
Please leave reviews on our Wikipedia Preview plugin page

How else can I work with the Wikimedia Foundation?
If you would like to explore a collaboration opportunity beyond Wikipedia Preview, please contact

The questions section to be visible and the answer below an optional dropdown to read. Please use a format similar to the FAQ on this page ->

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The FAQ is up on the plugin page