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video2commons needs cleanup on /data/scratch following NFS changes
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In order to make the scratch NFS use a proven and more reliable failover method, an rsync to a new volume without deletion was necessary. That left behind already cleaned up files.

As a result of this, video2commons is using 1.1 TB of scratch space at the moment. Can you please help clean it up?
If an automated process will take care of it in a few, feel free to close up the ticket.

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The automated process cleans up old files in /data/scratch/video2commons/uploads/ after 360 days and /data/scratch/video2commons/ssu/ after 60 days. Do you need it shrunk right now or do you mean a rolling cleanup process is okay?

Well, I screwed up the rolling process to some extent via rsync, so if the 60 day one could be run right away, that would be lovely!

I don't know how often it runs on its own.

Actually, whatever has run since I moved things, it's looking good now.

I think I'll close this as resolved as it may have resolved itself when the cronjob was able to succeed and tidy things up.

I also reduced the 360 days to 180 days to save some space. (now using 703G)

I also reduced the 360 days to 180 days to save some space.

Thank you!