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CirrusSearch custom URI params are not passed to the backend when using the /search/title REST api
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As a user of the Search REST api I want to be able to use the same parameters that I used to pass when using opensearch or the action API using search modules so that I can tune, instrument and debug CirrusSearch.

How to reproduce:
pass cirrusUseCompletionSuggester=yes or cirrusUseCompletionSuggester=no to enable/disable the completion suggester:
Opensearch gets varying results:

The REST api does not vary results:

This is particularly problematic as Cirrus relies on this kind of parameters for configuring its instrumentation and A/B test infrastructure.

Seen on where the search widget is relying on the REST api instead of opensearch.

Relates to T281578


  • discuss and decide what approach to take
  • instrumentation and debugging options should still be possible when CirrusSearch is called from the REST API