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Design talk page usability improvements
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This task represents the work with producing the mockups intended to help people instinctively recognize and use talk pages as spaces to communicate with people on-wiki.

As described in Talk pages project/Visual_enhancements#Strategy and approach, this work will involve three interventions that will sum into a single and cohesive talk page experience for those people who elect to keep it enabled.

The three interventions are listed in the table below and the generative exploratory work will happen as part of T283529.


Topic containersT282261 / T269950
Reply and new topic affordancesT255560 + T267444
Page frameT269963

Note: @ppelberg needs to refine the tickets above further before work can begin on them.

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ppelberg renamed this task from Design talk page legibility improvements to Design talk page usability improvements.Sep 8 2021, 9:46 PM