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Finnish date format on Finnish wikipedia
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We would like to change our date format to finnish standard, which is D. MMMMta
YYYY. Our progress of new revision of languagefi.php haven't been so fast, but
we would still like to change the date format as soon as possible.
The proposal of new date function is:

function date( $ts, $adj = false )
        if ( $adj ) { $ts = $this->userAdjust( $ts ); }

        $d = (0 + substr( $ts, 6, 2 )) . ". " .
             $this->getMonthName( substr( $ts, 4, 2 ) ) . "ta " .
             substr( $ts, 0, 4 );
        return $d;

If it needs something else, like list of month names which are not yet
translated in the old version, i can provide them.

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Done in 1.4 and 1.3 cvs, live on wikipedia.