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Wikipedia Portal does not display Traditional and Simplified Chinese translations from
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

  • Set your browser preferred webpage languages to one of these following: Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese
  • Navigate to

What happens?:
It doesn't use translations from, but seemingly use this outdated one at here (zh locale has been disabled on TNW)

What should have happened instead?:
zh-hans and zh-hant translations from TNW should be used.

I prefer using this fallback logic, as listed below:

  • Accept-Language is zh, zh-hans, zh-cn, zh-sg or zh-my: Use zh-hans translation.
  • Accept-Language is zh-tw, zh-hk, zh-mo or zh-hant: Use zh-hant translation.

And zh.json should be deleted.

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I'm commenting here due to no replies in this task.

Since this issue has a great impact on Chinese viewers, I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible, thanks!