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Add Gungbe language (guw) to monolingual codes
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Add the Gungbe language (guw) to monolingual codes.

It is supported in translatewiki, and there is a Wikipedia Incubator in it.

It is needed for lexemes as well as for native names of Gungbe people

The alphabet is a variant of Latin, and the native name is "gunbge".

Sample use: missing

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The language is legit, but it's not really necessary to add it to Wikibase, because judging by the current translatewiki stats, very soon it will be added to core MediaWiki.

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The request lacks a sample per

If "very soon" actually happens, we can remove it again.

If "very soon" actually happens, we can remove it again.

Too much work doing it back and forth. It will most likely happen this week.

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This is moot with T286460.