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Implement monitoring for Growth features
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This task follows up a retro discussion of T285577: Several wikis have 0 articles for all ORES topics, where articletopic stopped returning results, and we found out about it from a community member alerting us to this. T286365: Implement monitoring for articletopic / weighted_tags exists for monitoring specific to that field, but this task is more specific to instrumentation we want to add in GrowthExperiments and log to statsd so that it can appear in a Grafana dashboard (possibly our existing one), and we'd be able to see earlier on if there is a problem.

Let's first list out which things we want to output in statsd and then think about whether they can be aggregated or need to be separated by wiki (and we can make subtasks for them if needed):

  • newcomer task edit count
  • structured task newcomer task edit count
  • accounts created that are opted into growth features
  • questions asked to mentor from help panel
  • questions asked to mentor from special:homepage
  • unstructured task pool size (no topics)
  • unstructured task pool size (with topics)

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There's certainly some overlap with T249987: Scale: GrowthExperiments wiki monitoring dashboard, but I feel like that one has a different scope and frame of reference (more holisitic, longer term / macro view of the features), while this is about knowing early on when something is broken.

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Moving into current sprint per team discussion.