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Implementation ISMN code like ISBN one
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On it has been discussed whether ISMN code (International Standard Music Number: it is a number recognizing printed music, like ISBN and books) should be automatically recognized by MediaWiki or not. After that discussion ([[:it:Discussioni_progetto:Musica#ISMN]]) we thought to ask here to implement on MediaWiki the recognization of that code. The implementation appears not too difficult because:

  1. ISMN exists both with 10 digits and with 13 digits. An ISMN 13 digits code could be written as ISBN followed by the same 13 digits: MediaWiki is able to search for ISBN and many book search engines store in their databases also printed music like Google Books. So, in that case, it is only needed MediaWiki to link ISMN XXX-X-XXXX-XXXX-X to Special:BookSources/XXXXXXXXXXXXX.
  2. An ISMN 10 digits code should be converted. Those codes are structured as following: ISMN M-XXXX-XXXX-X . As you may see on International ISMN Agency website (, this code is equal to ISMN 979-0-XXXX-XXXX-X , so,after conversion, it would be the same as point 1).

For example consider the book
Duport, Jean-Louis; Rummel, Martin (ed.); 21 Etudes for Violoncello with an accompaniment of a second Violoncello ad libitum , Barenreiter. ISMN M-006-52998-8
The code ISMN M-006-52998-8 should point to Special:BookSources/9790006529988.
Is it possible to MediaWiki to recognize automatically ISMN code?

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No answer?

See for example bug 26207

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Magic linking is going away - see T145604#2925139. ISMN links would need to be implemented using templates.