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Add number of recurring donations
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Determining the number of recurring donations in a test group can only be done using one of the reports, which is a little cumbersome. The campaign team wants this metric to be available in the analysis tool.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The column "Periodische Spenden" is added to the analysis tool output after the column "Spenden".
  • The column contains the number of recurring donations.
  • The comparison row contains the difference in percent.

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kai.nissen set the point value for this task to 13.Jul 12 2021, 9:42 AM
kai.nissen changed the point value for this task from 13 to 3.Sep 13 2021, 10:09 AM

@gabriel-wmde The refactoring doesn't seem to be available for testing anymore. Maybe because of the deployment of T290562: 🐛 | Allow regular users of the Fundraising Operation Center to mark data sets as deleted? I just approved that one, can you please roll this out to the test system again?

@kai.nissen yes that was correct. I just deployed the current refactor-analysis branch to test-backend (release-202109220919) again so you can test the changes of this ticket

@CorinnaHillebrand_WMDE The application can't seem to retrieve campaign names in the analysis and report sections. Picking dates and clicking the button returns an empty result: