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Update MobileWikiAppNotificationInteraction Schema to capture current notification event data/interactions
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Reconfigure Schema:MobileWikiAppNotificationInteraction to measure current notification types and actions.
Schema measures user interaction with Echo notifications - opens, marked as read, linked clinked in notifications, notification wiki source. Data is currently collected in Schema but needs updating

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SNowick_WMF raised the priority of this task from Medium to High.Jul 13 2021, 5:03 PM
SNowick_WMF moved this task from Next 2 weeks to Doing on the Product-Analytics (Kanban) board.

The MobileWikiAppNotificationInteraction schema was designed to only measure counts of notification interactions, not all notifications sent. The counts we are seeing (90 day sample) are also concerning because they are lower than expected. In order to get baseline data we need, the following actions are being planned with @Sharvaniharan and @Dbrant:

  1. Adding an incoming notification count to the schema. TBD whether we need to break these down by notification_type, in which case we will need to add a new column to the Schema. Any notification generated by the server for each user will be counted, whether user interacts or not.
  2. Adding a Boolean flag by event that indicates whether user has notifications enabled/disabled for the app on the device level. We already track in app Notification Setting changes in MobileWikiAppNotificationPreferences (see 3).
  3. As discussed in we will be creating 2 new schemas (SettingAction and UserHistory) that track holistic user in app preference/setting changes and a separate user state which will give us a universal view of all users at any given time. We can use this universal data to track changes in user notification acceptance over time (which we currently cannot track). These schemas will track all user settings (is Language, Theme, Feed, etc) and feature adoption (Watchlist counts, etc.).

After discussion the following changes to MobileWikiAppNotificationInteraction have been made. @Sharvaniharan will implement code and I will QA data once changes go live.

Added fields
incoming_only: Initial system-generated notification event, TRUE or FALSE (Boolean)

device_level_enabled: Tracks user device level notification settings, TRUE or FALSE (Boolean)

@SNowick_WMF could we please make both the fields non-mandatory? [ required: false]

Verified we are seeing data for app version 2.7.50366-beta-2021-07-26. Note that there is an artifact column that we aren't using incoming_type, the data should be, and is, populated in notification_type instead. Intitial data.