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Plugin will not work if `entry-content` element is not found within DOM
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A potential partner is having issues getting the Wikipedia Preview WordPress plugin working. After some investigation, we discovered it's because of the entry-content entry point not available in some sites. This fixed has been pushed but not released yet

When the user "double click" the word to be embedded by WP preview there's no option to include Wikipedia articles automatically to the article. For example, the user wants to link the word "Mekkah" (Indonesian) or "Mecca" (English) when the user blocks/double clicks the word Mecca in his CMS, there's no information that displays the desired Wikipedia article (attached). Do you have any suggestions on this issue? Is it a bug or did the user made a mistake?

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Currently, there is no such feature in the plugin.

If I understand correctly, the Gutenberg custom format or custom editor is the feature this user is looking for.

This is fixed earlier here (commit). Waiting for the release.

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This should be fixed in version 1.0.4 of the plugin (released a few minutes ago)

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