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The letter ț causes links to be wrong on either Wikipedia or Commons
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On I added a {{NowCommons|Hatnuța River.jpg}} to indicate that the file is on Commons as

When I click the link in the NowCommons template I'm send to

If I use [[:File:Hatnuța River.jpg]] then the link works correct.

When you compare the 2 names: bad good

Then you can see that the software translate the letter ț differently depending on if you use it in the template and as a simple wikilink.

I tried the same on Japanese Wikipedia and English Wikipedia with same result.

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Aklapper closed this task as Invalid.EditedJul 15 2021, 12:15 PM

Hi @MGA73, thanks for taking the time to report this! In the future, please use the bug report form when creating bug reports: The form asks for clear steps to reproduce, what happens, and what you expect, in separate sections. Thanks.

For general context:

In my understanding, the character U+021B should be used for Romanian language (but I have no idea if Hatnu[ţț]a is a Romanian name or not).

Looking at , it says {{NowCommons|Hatnuța River.jpg}} (which is a file that does not exist). I assume that {{NowCommons|Hatnuţa River.jpg}} should work, as that is the file. As written before, these are two different characters.

I do not see a software bug to fix here. You may want to rename the file on Wikimedia Commons in case that there is a wrong letter in its file name.

Thank you for your reply. I copied the name from Commons and pasted it to the file on It works when I paste it into a wikilink but not when I paste it into the NowCommons template. So I do not think it is Windows or Edge that makes the error?

If it works fine in a wikilink but not a specfic template then that's a content issue. You'd be best raising that on wiki.