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[Bug] VoiceOver direct touch typing stops working after first search
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From OTRS:;TicketID=11869206

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch the app from scratch
  2. Turn on VoiceOver
  3. Perform a search. Use the VoiceOver rotor (two fingers rotated around each other) to select “typing mode”, then swipe down until”direct touch typing” is selected. this should change the behavior of voiceover on the iOS keyboard, so that letters can be touched and they are immediately activated, rather than needing to focus and then double tap to activate them.
  4. Open an article that was searched for
  5. Activate the search button At the top right corner
  6. Type some letters. Make sure “direct touch typing” is still selected.

Direct touch typing is still active, so touching letters should immediately type them.

Direct touch typing is still active, but the keyboard behaves as if it is in standard
typing mode, where letters must be focused and then double tapped to be activated.