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[Bug] Search and Settings disappearing from Voice Over on iPad
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From OTRS:;TicketID=11862557

Hi. I am blind, and use your app via the VoiceOver accessibility feature on my iPad Pro 11" 2nd generation. Sometimes the Settings and Search features disappear from the app screen, and I cannot figure out how to retrieve them. Sometimes they do reappear, but I have no idea what I have done to cause that. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? <BR><BR><BR><BR>Version: WikipediaApp/ (iOS 14.6; Tablet)

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My guess: This happens in Explore when you scroll down and Settings and search bar scroll off the screen. Can we always have these two available when using VoiceOver?

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Ok, yeah this seems to happen when the bar is not onscreen, so we need to make this accessible and in the right sequence, even when the view is not visible.

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Appears to be fixed on 6.9.3 (1947)

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