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[Session] Ask anything about Phabricator (software project management tool)
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Feel free to join or leave at any time for your Phabricator topics and questions. Please first check the short tutorial videos.

Username or display name: AKlapper_(WMF)

Session type:

Discussion / Q/A - 55 mins

Date and time:

16:00 UTC

Session Details

Short description of the session (~150 words):

Phabricator is a platform and tool to manage planning software development. In Wikimedia, many projects and software developers use Phabricator for project management, software bug reporting and feature requests, and collaborating with each other. Join this session and ask everything about Phabricator that you ever wanted to discuss or know! :)

This session is not an introduction - if you are new to Phabricator, please first watch the tutorial videos linked on to learn the basics.

Target audience:

Technically interested users, smaller communities, developers.

(Optional) Additional resources:

Event Timeline

Around 8-10 people attended. Thanks everybody for your time and interest! Topics: