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Scap backport change_url command
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As part of the k8s deployment workflow, implement the following:

scap backport change_url [change_url]
  • Validate that the specified changes are suitable (e.g., acceptable repository, acceptable branch) [x ] +2 on changes
  • (automatically triggered) trigger pipeline job on releases-jenkins to build new wmf branch image w/ given changes and new multiversion image

[ ] listen for promote patchset on deployment-charts

  • tag images with something identifying patch for use by final image build and deployment-charts(?)

[ ] +2 deployment-charts ps (bump image tag in helmfile.d/service/values.yaml), wait for merge
[ ] completed build triggers image tag update in helmfile-defaults/mediawiki/releases.yaml file
[ ] (LEGACY) unpack image (based on the image tag in helmfile.d/service/values.yaml) into /srv/mediawiki
[ ] runs helmfile apply
Scap sync-world will now be responsible for building the image, updating values files, and doing both deployments

  • (LEGACY) syncs to legacy servers using scap sync-world (or optimized equivalent)

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Change 788369 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ahmon Dancy; author: Ahmon Dancy):

[mediawiki/tools/train-dev@master] Add test-scap-backport script to deploy container

Change 788369 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/tools/train-dev@master] Add test-scap-backport script to deploy container