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Translated subpages should inherit the Wikidata sitelinks from the source language page
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This is so that the interwiki and interlanguage links show up on the translated subpages as well.

Additionally, the Translate extension should probably lie to Wikibase about the existence of translated subpages, so that when Some page is marked for translation, then adding Some page/en, or some other translated subpage, as a sitelink on Wikibase would be disallowed, as if the translated subpage didn’t exist.

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Tacsipacsi changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".Jul 21 2021, 10:00 PM
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Additionally, the Translate extension should probably lie to Wikibase about the existence of translated subpages, so that when Some page is marked for translation, then adding Some page/en, or some other translated subpage, as a sitelink on Wikibase would be disallowed, as if the translated subpage didn’t exist.

No, it shouldn’t. For example, m:Main Page/hu is a translation, yet it’s (legitimately) connected to Wikidata.

I would be wary of connecting translatable pages to Wikidata at all. It brings the problem of what do language links mean when there are two kinds (which are even mixed together with certain configurations).

The both link collections are already present on the translation original. Do you think they’re less confusing there? Why? If they aren’t, I see no point in not doing this task because of the potential confusion, and this potential confusion should be resolved in another ticket.

I am not sure who or what you're asking. I'm against linking translatable pages to pages in other wikis via interlanguage links, because then the language links are mixed between local/remote and this is one of blockers for moving translatable page language links to the sidebar (or vector's new language selection button) by default.

Given the other example @Tacsipacsi brought up, I just don't see how to make this work in a sensible way nor what would be the user story this would enable.