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Notify about new content available for articles recently translated by the user
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Recent research showed that users are interested in new content being available on articles they previously translated. For example, a user that has translated the Moon article from English to Bengali may be interested in a new section (e.g., "Legal status") that was added to the English version recently in order to expand and keep up to date the Bengali version.

A notification of this kind of event will help users to become aware of relevant opportunities to translate that are connected to the work they did. This ticket proposes to send notifications with the following information:

notif-new-content.png (180×436 px, 13 KB)

  • Message: "<article> was expanded with (a) new section(s) you can translate"
  • Additional details: new section or sections available. "Legal status and X more" can be used to keep the message short when multiple sections.
  • Main action: link to Section translation with the section pre-selected for the user to translate.
  • Additional actions: Source and target language names linking to the source and target versions of the article.
  • Icon: Language icon on blue article. Similar to what is used for other Content Translation notifications, but using Accent50 (#36c) since the notification is an update (instead of a new element).

Bundled version

A bundled version will be also provided in order to avoid users getting overwhelmed by multiple notifications of the same type.

notif-new-content-bundle.png (280×436 px, 19 KB)

(Details to be finalized)

Details on the logic

Monitoring the changes made to articles to generate notifications can be a complex process. In addition, we want to make multiple checks to make sure that the notification is providing valuable information to the user. A possible approach (feel free to suggest other options) is described below:

20 days after publishing a translation (new article creation or section added), the content of the source article is checked to identify new sections added since the publication. A notification will be send if all the conditions below are met:

  • The article is in the main namespace
  • The source article has new sections compared to the version at the time the translation was published.
  • Some of the sections added are content sections (i.e., no "references", "see also", etc.)
  • Some of the sections has a significant amount of content. 500 bytes was proposed as threshold in T287025 but we can pick a better threshold (ideally the same for all entry points using similar criteria).
  • TBD: Think on criteria to avoid cases of repeated notifications.


Since notifications are available across mobile and desktop, we can only support them once Section translation is supported in both platforms. Thus, the following ticket needs to be completed first: T234323: Load a single section in Content translation's editor

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Pginer-WMF triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 22 2021, 8:06 AM

Note that this will require a new event_source value in the content_translation_event schema (T287403).