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[GOAL] Accessibility compliance focus (new development & fixes)
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Specific: What do we want to achieve?

This technical goal will involve a focus on accessibility, ensuring that all Readers Web products comply to WCAG 2.1 level AA, specifically we want to ensure that there are no regressions (as in case of Desktop Improvements) but the same technological support of assistive technology than before.
For more complex product questions we will also rely on real user testing with our partner AFB.

Measurable: How will we know when we've reached our goal?

This goal can be closed when there are no open subtasks. Subtasks can be removed if deemed too complicated given the timeframe.

Achievable: What support will we need to achieve our goal?

We will likely need accessibility expertise from @Volker_E and potentially may need to use accessibility experts to test. For this reason we might need to adapt the list of subtasks.

Relevant: Is this goal worthwhile?

Yes. Accessibility improvements will help all users use our site, in some places they may make the difference in the ability to edit or read.

Time-bound: What is the time frame? Can we achieve this goal in the timeframe we've set?

Should be completed by 1.37 release or the end of FY 2021/22 Quarter 1 (2021-09-31), whichever is sooner.

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Sign off steps

  • When resolving the goal, make sure to create a follow up goal for further down the road for any de-scoped tasks.

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All the accessibility tasks are now in flight so we'll shortly wrap up this ticket and add some new goals.

Still waiting on other people (3 assignees of subtasks) to sign this one off.

I'm going to close this one.
Although T287775 is still open this is blocked on the next WVUI deploy and there is little value in waiting until that happens.