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Implement in-article notifications
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1) New notifications2) No notifications
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👉 Link to designs on Figma


This task depends on T288248, but this is the current design direction.

  1. New notifications: An indicator for the number is shown to display the amount of new notifications users have received.
  2. No notifications: When users haven’t received any new notifications, the bell icon is displayed. Tapping the bell icon leads users to the notifications home screen (T288064).

This is to implement the in-app experience of receiving notifications for the current user. This consists of:

  • Showing a "bell" icon in the toolbar while reading an article, and displaying a red dot overlay when a new notification is received.
  • Showing a "bell" icon in the toolbar of the main screen (explore, etc) and similarly showing a red dot upon a new notification.

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Dbrant triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 21 2021, 6:58 PM

Looks good to me, moving it to the next column.

Disclaimer: Added comments to T281413 and this is dependent on T288248.

Instructions for QA:

  1. Open the app and start reading an article (i.e. go to the article window)
  2. Cause a notification to be received. (e.g. In a web browser, or on another device, write a message on your talk page from a different account)
  3. Back in the app, refresh the current article. This should also check unread notifications, and should pop up a red dot in the toolbar at the top. The red dot could appear on top of the "bell" icon, or on top of the "inbox" icon, or on top of the overflow (three dots) icon in the toolbar. The placement of the red dot is part of the ABC test that we're running. Note: you may also see a system-level notification that pops up from the status bar at the top of the device itself -- this can be ignored or swiped away.
  4. Wherever the red dot appears, tap it and make sure it leads to the Notifications screen, which should contain the latest notification(s) you received.
  5. Go back from the Notifications screen to the article screen, and make sure the red dot is no longer shown.

And if possible re-run the above steps with system-level notifications disabled:

0) Go to device settings ->Apps -> Wikipedia -> Notifications, and disable the checkbox for "All Wikipedia notifications"
Repeat from step 1. The red dot should still appear even if system-level notifications are disabled.

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