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Issue with descriptor @ sign re AMEX transactions in JP
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Ingenico has noticed an issue with the soft descriptor for Japan that seems to be contributing to the high declines we are seeing on AMEX transactions for Japan that caused us to decommission AMEX in this market for the campaign in progress (T286657: Disable AMEX for JP campaign 2021). They are seeing the that we are sending the "<>" in our API call as the soft descriptor. The "@" symbol is not supported on this AMEX connection we are using.

Is it possible to change the descriptor in Japan to the Wikimedia 877 600 7454 descriptor for Amex? If not just for AMEX, then the whole country? This will likely prevent the transactions from failing.

I had a look at the 6ENC non- US transactions for AMEX and note we are still sending the US (Wikimedia 877 600 7454) descriptor in those markets so we are not getting the declines on AMEX transactions in the non-US markets (NZ, GB, AU, IE) for this reason.

Once the change is made, I would like to reinstate AMEX for JP to monitor while the campaign is active through 3 August if possible.