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Notify about the impact of the user translations
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Recent research showed that surfacing the impact that user translations have on readers is an important motivating factor. This ticket proposes to show to users that made a translation for an article or section, the number of views that the article got during the last month.

A notification of this kind of event will provide editors a better sense of the number of people they enable to access relevant knowledge. This ticket proposes to send notifications with the following information 30 days after a translation was published:

notif-impact.png (423×436 px, 35 KB)

  • Message: A different version of the message is used depending on whether the user published a new article or expanded an article with a new section:
    • Your translation of <article> was viewed X times last month. Expand with a new section?
    • Your contribution to <article> was viewed X times last month. Expand with a new section?
  • Main action: link to Section translation with the article pre-selected for the user to expand with a new section.
  • Additional actions: Article name links to the target article for the user to check its status since it was published.
  • Icon: Language icon on blue article. Similar to what is used for other Content Translation notifications, but using Accent50 (#36c) since the notification is an update (instead of a new element).

Bundled version

A bundled version will be also provided in order to avoid users getting overwhelmed by multiple notifications of the same type.

notif-impact-bundle.png (280×436 px, 20 KB)

(Details to be finalized)

Details on the logic

Monitoring the changes made to articles to generate notifications can be a complex process. In addition, we want to make multiple checks to make sure that the notification is providing valuable information to the user. A possible approach (feel free to suggest other options) is described below:

30 days after publishing a translation (new article creation or section added), a notification will be send if all the conditions below are met:

  • The article was not deleted.
  • The published article received more than 100 views in the 30 days after its publication.
  • There are sections missing in the article the user can expand (content sections, that is, not counting "references", "see also", etc..
  • No other notifications of this type is sent in the same day. This helps reduce the volume to one proposal to expand an article per day, which can be convenient for very prolific translators. In case it is easy to select which one to send, the one with a higher number of views will be selected.


Since notifications are available across mobile and desktop, we can only support them once Section translation is supported in both platforms. Thus, the following ticket needs to be completed first: T234323: Adapt Content translation's editor to support section translation on desktop

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Note that this will require a new event_source value in the content_translation_event schema (T287403).

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