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Draft a lightweight user research interview for Wikimania
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Wikimania and the Wikimania hackathon are great opportunities to interview future users of the Dev Portal! Let's write up 3-5 questions that we can use as a lightweight user research interview in conversations.


Areas of interest:
Willing to help with future user testing?
Questions and answers:

Question list

  • What documentation is most important to you?
  • When you go to look up something in the documentation, what are you usually looking for?
  • How often do you read documentation?
  • How often do you write documentation or contribute to documentation?
  • What would you expect a Wikimedia developer portal to have?
  • When you have a question about Wikimedia technology where do you usually look for the answer?
  • Do you see yourself as a member of these audiences?

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@srodlund and @Aklapper, please add your ideas for questions we might want to ask! This would be totally optional, just something that might give us some anecdotal information about our audiences

As a frame or context for the question, I think it is important for us to define documentation. In my experience, folks see it as really nebulous and may not be thinking of it in the same way or in the same places.

We might ask something like, "When you have a question about Wikimedia technology where do you usually look for the answer?"

Notes from DevAd team meeting:
Wikimania unconference session?
Send people to a talk page, share about it in a session?
"Collect" wiki user names?

I set up an unconference session for Wikimania:

This is currently set for 16:30 UTC on 14 August. We can move the time or add more sessions if we think it might be useful.

I also set up a session at the Wikimania Hackathon for 15:00 UTC on 13 August:

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List finalized!