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Share Design System goals & objectives
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The Design Systems team was recently established to facilitate the design, development, and maintenance of a shared, unified design system.

Our vision includes:

  • A design-first approach, with adherence to the Design Style Guide in implementation
  • Ensure design requirements and reduce debt via the Design Inventory
  • Consistent & better user experience → better products → higher retention
  • Consolidate conflicting resources into a single source of truth for design
  • Base component implementation in a set of predefined, centralized and traceable design decisions through design tokens
  • Improve design >< development communication and faster handover
  • Save time for higher complex design problems through component reusability and resolved common problems


  • Uniqueness,
  • Image of trust and quality
  • Awareness of the brand
  • Usability
  • Diversity & Inclusion (internationalization, accessibility)

Objective for the session

The Design system team will share the design system goals and their roadmap