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Guidance to the persistent entry point after using a non-persistent one
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Some entry points for Section translation (T286641) are opportunistic. That is, they appear in certain circumstances where making a translation makes sense (e.g., an article missing for a language the user speaks). These are useful to surface the translation need but also come with a challenge: how can the user return back to the tool later when they want to translate another article?

This ticket proposes to provide extra guidance to discover the persistent entry point in the navigation menu (T286466) where translations can be accessed anytime. Key aspects of the idea:

  • Guidance will be provided only for users that have accessed Section Translation for the first time though an opportunistic entry point. This means that users accessing the tool through the persistent entry point will not see this (they already know how to access the persistent entry point, no need for guidance).
  • Guidance is limited to the first access (globally across all wikis). Users accessing the tool multiple times will only see this the first time. This "seen" status should be global across languages. Once we provide this guidance once for a wiki it should not be visible again on a different language.
  • Guidance is supported by two elements: activity dot and tooltip. The activity dot is shown next to the menu to signal there is new activity. Once the menu is opened, a tooltip points to the "Contribute" option to communicate where to go to access translations in the future.
  • Once the menu is opened, the elements are not shown again. Opening the menu makes the dot disappear. The tooltip will go away after a few seconds. The user won't see these elements again.
mob-main-flash.png (667×375 px, 146 KB)
mob-main-flash-open.png (667×375 px, 49 KB)

The dot and the tooltip should be reused from existing components used for similar guidance. Consistency with existing experiences is more relevant than matching the visual design of the mockups above.


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