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Explore options to opt-out from contribution invites
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Jul 28 2021, 5:10 PM
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Showing opportunities for users to contribute in a proactive and contextual way seems an effective way to surface relevant tasks for the user. For example, an editor working on an article may appreciate a suggestion to add an image to it. However, even if these invites are designed to appear in relevant moments and target relevant users, they may not be relevant for all users all the time, and this can cause distraction.

This ticket will explore ways in which users can opt-out from getting invites and notifications to contribute. This switch will affect those prompts and notifications that are initiated by the system to surface an opportunity to contribute.

Even if options to opt-out exist, the proactive invites and notifications should be designed in a way that are as relevant as possible (connected to the user previous work/actions/interests) in order not to feel like spam.

This ticket was motivated by the plans to incorporate multiple entry points for translation (T286641), but it is defined with a wider scope so that this general switch is useful for other kinds of contributions.

General contribution invite switch at settings

Currently, for logged-in users, the mobile web settings allow to adjust font size, show sections expanded and activate the advanced mode.

A general switch for showing/hiding the invites to contribute can be provided at the settings page:

Settings-invites.png (667×375 px, 58 KB)

Subscription options for each contribution type

Another possible approach is to provide more granularity into which kind of invites and notifications to subscribe/unsubscribe to. For example the central place for starting new contributions (T286466) could include options to adjust the notifications users get about each type.

In the example below, the bell shows the user is subscribed for translated-related invites (such as T287025) and muted invites about media uploads:

contribs-new copy.png (667×375 px, 53 KB)

Taping on the bell will show a menu to make the selection of the subscribed status more explicit (and potentially more granular if needed):

contribs-new copy 3.png (667×375 px, 55 KB)