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[GOAL] Deploy the new user links feature to all wikis
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Specific: What do we want to achieve?

Currently the new user links feature is enabled on office wiki and test wikipedia. The next obvious phase is to enable on all wikis.

Measurable: How will we know when we've reached my goal?

This goal can be closed when we have deployed to all wikis. Please see subtasks for blockers.

Achievable: What support will we need to achieve our goal?

No support needed.

Relevant: Is this goal worthwhile?

Yes. It is an OKR.

Time-bound: What is the time frame? Can we achieve this goal in the timeframe I've set?

Should be completed by 1.37 release or the end of quarter 1 ( 09/30/2021 ), whichever is sooner.

Sign off steps

  • When resolving the goal, make sure to create tasks for cleaning up the feature flags and styles relating to this feature. T288852

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All done here!