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Add formatDuration() to LanguageYue.php
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Please use the same function in LanguageZh_hans.php. I want to avoid millennia (千年) and separators (顿号), etc. I've asked zhwiktionary admin (yue native speaker) about this: formatDuration, also mentioned at yue.wikipedia.

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Hi @Crowley666, thanks for taking the time to report this! Please use the feature request form or the bug report form when creating tickets here, and follow the scheme. Thanks.

Shizhao added a subscriber: Shizhao.

Please do not use Chinese-Sites for tasks that about Chinese dialects.

Now there's consensus at Wikipedia:VPT. In that thread, Sanmosa suggests “13,770,908個世紀26年327日6個鐘54分鐘8秒” over “13,770,908個世紀26年327日6個鐘54分鐘8秒”, which is resolved at translatewiki.