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Exclusions from partial blocks
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Please add exclusions to partial blocks. If a user is restricted from editing a certain namespace, a sysop needs a tool to allow them to edit certain pages (or groups of pages) from this namespace.

For example, in ruwiki most users who are restricted from editing the entire WP namespace, can nevertheless vote dirung the ArbCom elections. Now, a sysop must exclude the WP namespace from the blocking settings, wait while the user votes, and then restore the block. If a user changes their mind and wants to change their vote, this must be repeated.
With the exclusions, voting pages could be included into the blocking settings.

When I mention groups of pages, I mean using masks. Ruwiki arbcom election pages have the following structure, for example:
Википедия:Выборы арбитров/Лето 2021/Голосование/+/Michgrig
So, to allow the user to vote, I'd like to add to exclusions Википедия:Выборы арбитров/Лето 2021/Голосование/* (or simply Википедия:Выборы арбитров/Лето 2021/Голосование).

Thank you.