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Log in, log out and 'Explore feed turned off' experiences for Notifications on iOS
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  • What happens the first time a logged in contributor opens the app after the notifications update?
  • What happens the first time a contributor logs in to the app and has unread or read notifications?
  • What happens when a contributor with notifications logs out of the app?



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Proposed designs

Explore feed turned off (v1)
Notifications - Explore feed turned off.png (812×375 px, 35 KB)



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  • For push intercept we need to route ppl to notif settings to opt in to specific notif types
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Going to leave engineering sync notes about each flow section we talked about in the Figma:

  1. Contributor logs into app for the first time after Notification update - looks like the engineering work involved here is to show the custom modal (first yellow box) the first time the user lands on Notification Center. We need to be sure we provide a route that directs them to Notification Push Settings and automatically goes through the initial toggle ON flow with prompting for permissions, as well as a route that just directs them to Notification Push Settings ("yes, turn on push notifications" and "learn more" routes, respectively). Do not show this custom modal again after the first visit (i.e. have a persisted flag here).
  2. Contributor logs into app after having previously set notifications in-app - I believe this flow just means, when the user logs out, clear out the persisted flag made in the previous flow for showing the custom modal in Notification Center. Then when they log back in, that flag will be gone so they will see the Notification Center custom modal prompt again asking for push notifications.
  3. Logged out contributor makes their first edit - I don't think engineering needs to do any work here, but test this flow to see that it works after implementing flow 1 and 2. We may need to add a log in prompt in the editing flow if it's not already there.
  4. Contributor logs out of their account in the app - this should be covered in
  5. Logged in contributor loses data/internet connection - this should be covered in

Just a note that we're going to develop against the Figma link - I think the mock screenshots in the Phab task might be out of date at this point. @cmadeo let me know if that's wrong, also you're welcome to remove the mocks here if you want. Thanks!