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Let me mute pages that I don't want to be auto-subscribed to discussions on
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As a frequent contributor to a particular talk page, I may check that page multiple times each day, and I may comment in many of the discussion threads on that page. I may not benefit from Special:Notifications notifying me that someone has replied in one or more threads on the page. I would rather follow that particular page through my watchlist (or other means). However, I'd like to be auto-subscribed to all other discussions that I participate in.

Current: Auto-subscribing would generate alerts for all the discussions I participate in, including for that page.

Desired: Being auto-subscribed to all pages except that one. Similar to the "mute" list for users in preferences, which suppress pings from named editors, I want to have a method to get no notifications for that particular page without having to turn off the feature entirely.