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submit list of Item IDs of interest
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As a mismatch reviewer
I want to submit the list of Item IDs I provided
in order to get the list of mismatches that are of interest to me

We need to actually let the user submit the list of Item IDs they entered in the main page of the Mismatch Finder.

GIVEN an Item ID input field with a list of Item IDs
WHEN the user clicks the submit button
THEN they are forwarded to the results view for the provided Item IDs

Acceptance criteria:

  • User can click button to submit their list of Item IDs
  • User is forwarded to results view page and list of IDs is passed along. The results view page does not yet have to have meaningful content.
  • All error handling on the client side is happening in T287951
  • All error handling on the server side is happening in T289344


  • The proper content of the results view page should be tackled in new tasks (for example T289559)

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Notes From Task Breakdown:

  • This task is really just about the submit interaction, and not about the results page.
  • Therefore, clicking the submit button should lead to a page that says something like "Thank you for sending IDs x, y, and z. Mismatch results will be displayed in this page soon."

Everything looks great :)
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