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[Session] Wikimedia developer portal: audiences discussion
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Username or display name:

  • SRodlund_(WMF)
  • APaskulin_(WMF)

Session type (select one):

  • Discussion (including Q/A) - 55 mins

Date and time:
13 August 2021, 15:00 UTC

Session Details

We want to learn more about the people who will use the developer portal—their motivations and needs—to ensure the design and content are usable and useful. We've identified several core audiences for the developer portal.

  • Content re-users
  • Tool developers (experienced)
  • Tool developers (new)
  • Foundation or affiliate employees (experienced)
  • Foundation or affiliate employees (new)
  • Outreach program participants
  • Business-class users
  • Data consumers (Researchers)
  • Bulk data uploaders
  • Technical writers/documentarians

If you are a member of one of these audiences or have a general interest in how technical documentation is organized, we would like to talk and share about the developer portal with you to learn more about your interests and needs. We'll share some ways that you can get involved including opportunities to provide feedback and help test potential prototypes of the developer portal.

Target audience:

Folks listed in the target audiences above, and anyone else who is interested in how technical documentation is organized for better usability.

Additional resources:

Share any documentation or links where participants can learn more about the session topics

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