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Make ChessBrowser's user-facing error reporting more specific
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All errors are handled by a single try-catch block in ChessBrowser::newGame. If the extension encounters and unexpected error at any point, the exception bubbles up to this catch block resulting in chessbrowser-invalid-message being displayed. This message states that the specified PGN was invalid but does not give any further detail on why or how to resolve the issue causing problems for both developers and end-users. The extension should be modified to handle exceptions better and provide more useful feedback on what aspect of the PGN led to the failure.

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Wugapodes renamed this task from Make user-facing error reporting more specific to Make ChessBrowser's user-facing error reporting more specific.Aug 3 2021, 7:45 PM

Change 719449 had a related patch set uploaded (by Wugapodes; author: Wugapodes):

[mediawiki/extensions/ChessBrowser@master] Improve validation of PGN and error reporting

Change 719449 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/ChessBrowser@master] Improve validation of PGN

@Wugapodes can this ticket be closed or is there more to do ?

@TheDJ I think this was really two tickets in one. The first issue was valid PGN triggering errors with no obvious cause, and that was largely resolved by fixing the PGN validation and moving some try-catch blocks around. The second issue, still unresolved I think, is that the user-facing error reporting isn't very useful. I'm not sure how to fix that; I'd imagine it would involve a literal PGN linter in order to check for and provide various syntax warnings and errors. That feels too ambitious for where we're at in development.

It might be worth just writing that up in a new task and closing this. So it's kind of a yes to both questions :)