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Show deleted pages in Special:Watchlist
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Author: gangleri

At [[:fr:Discussion Utilisateur:Hashar#Modèles]] I made a reference
to the page [[:fr:Pages liées]] which should be deleted (because
the content was moved to [[:fr:Utilisateur:Gangleri/tests/Pages

Now [[:fr:Pages liées]] is deleted but does not show any more in
Special:Contributions. Should it? Some users maight be confused not
being able to find the entries for deleted pages they where
contributing / watching.

Depending on the database modele it would not be possible to show
this information. (If pages / MySQL records are realy deleded no
MySQL querry could be made. But to my knowledge this does not seems
to be the case.)

Maybe a hint in the text at Special:Contributions and
Special:Watchlist could / should be inserted about this.

Regards Reinhardt

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement


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wikipedia wrote:

To get these records it would involve another query against the "archive" table,
in addition to the queries done against "cur" and "old". I don't think it's
worth the hastle (since you can't view the entries anyway unless you're an admin).

Having a warning text might be worthwhile, but I'm not sure having a warning
wouldn't cause more confusion than it solves. I'd be tempted to mark this as
WONTFIX. Thoughts?

I think the watchlist should include a notice about the page deletion (like in the deletion log),
since that is the important event that a user will probably want to know about.

I don't think deleted pages really need to be displayed otherwise.

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zigger wrote:

Removed "Special:Contributions" from summary, as bug 1699 now covers it.

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Siegel wrote:

When a page that a user is watching is deleted, there is no notification to the
user on the user's watch list. If it was a speedy deletion, there may have been
no other watchlist entry either. A witchlist line with "Deleted:" followed by the
log summery would be very helpful. Thsi recently came up at Deletion Review on
the en wikipedia, and we often see people at the helpdesk asking "what happened
to Article FooBar". Therefore I favor this enhancement.

robchur wrote:

*** Bug 4710 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

marudubshinki wrote:

Let me weigh in as an admin- this is very useful for admin pranks (Redwolf24
deleted my userpage, and it wasn't until he told me I noticed, despite my
vigilant search of my watchlist. Likewise, this is useful for obscure articles
since sometimes insufficient notice is given, and of course, this just plain
makes sense- a deletion is a *major* edit.

robchur wrote:

Administrators who "mess about" and play "pranks" on each other probably
shouldn't have the sysop bit.

Since watchlist is currently taken from the recentchanges table, we could take the
opportunity to stick in special page-deleted entries in there alongside the log entry.
Not quite sure what's the best way to handle this.

gangleri wrote:

When I opened this request I could not differenciate between
[[special:Watchlist]] and [[special:Watchlist/edit]] (last syntax is probably
newer then 2004-11-14).

Bug 5490: Your watchlist after a "wikibreak"
is more detailed about [[special:Watchlist/edit]] and item b) handles also
issues related to "move".

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robchur wrote:

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