RenameUser should log out target user to prevent unwanted recreation of old username


It's fairly common that a user will request a rename usually based on a privacy concern (they used their real name, etc.).

The rename will be performed but because of (I assume) cookies and SUL and such, the account gets recreated automatically - this is usually undesirable.

Rename should perhaps force a userlogout - if possible - to avoid this happening. Or perhaps someone has a more elegant solution.

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Further prevention of automatic re-creation would be helpful. I wrote the following in bug 17313#C22:
"I suggest creating a way to salt the account names that request successful
renames, implementing it on English Wikipedia, and getting consensus of the
Bureaucrats there to use it."

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This is already done, but the user_touched change isn't committed till all the job rows are inserted, which could be a quite a few seconds.

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