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Add medal count for delegations by year
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We have historical data for every Olympics delegation, but this is not at Wikidata. We should add the number of medals by delegation by year. I pretend to do this work using OpenRefine.

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I have scheduled a session at 10:00 UTC to show how to use OpenRefine to upload this.

I'm adding the 2020 results from the medal table as a test (I don't want to go blind tomorrow) and everything seems ok: #temporary_batch_1628757207022

Take the United States as an example:

I have started the upload. Can anyone (cc @Fuzheado) make a query for gold medals won by the United States by year? This would be a good showcase.

This is the schema used to upload medal counts.

All Summer and Winter delegations medal's have been uploaded.

Now is time for the cool queries!