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Make Echo alerts/notices overlays keyboard accessible
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Echo uses OOUI popup widgets for the "Alerts" and "Notices" overlays that are opened by notification icons in the person menu. Because the popup widgets are inserted at the end of the page, the only way they can be accessed by users using assistive tech is to tab through to the end of the document.

Expected behavior

Users should be able to tab into either the "Alerts" and "Notices" overlays after opening them via the notification icons.

Developer Notes

One possible solution is to implement a focus trap, and essentially treat the overlays similarly to OOUI dialogs.

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This is a small task that can go in between other tasks, per @MMiller_WMF . Whoever picks this up, the first step is to scope it, and then we will decide whether to do the work.

T291096: Menus should open via tab + enter is somewhat similar, we might want to be consistent with the solution chosen there.

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