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Follow up questions from mid year reporting
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Event Timeline

  • Check key metrics - donation statistics
  • Go through receipts and invoices

Started to go through incoming donations to search where the discrepancy comes from. But realise I need to continue the search and make comparisons with OPAD.
Meeting with Ann is booked Wednesday next week. This tasks is therefore not done and will continue on Wednesday.

This regards donations statistics.

Continue tuesday the 24th of august. Document sent to Ann.

Book new meeting with an to follow up.

Hi @Jenny_Brandt_WMSE just wanted to check on the status of this task before doing the Q3 summary of the donation statistics.

There are some questions still left. There are lists that have been extracted from Swedbank with international transactions, but will call Ann to get feedback if there are any questions from her side.

The lists can be found here: Kvartalsrapportering Where you can find information about Facebook-transactions that we have not yet created a column for in our donation document

  • Left to add are the exchange rates
  • Send in receipts and add those who are missing.