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Silent insertion of code by the parser
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Author: gangleri

As I could see that the code of an object (article, talk,
category ...) maight be altered / changed "automaticaly" during
save. (I assume it is the parser module making a syntax

It maight be, that the insertion of code (</nowiki> ...) would
not be, what was intended by the user.

No message is displayed and it is just another "have to know". In
similar situations I would expect a warning (as done at a
[[:en:Wikipedia:Edit conflicts]] / [[m:Help:Edit conflict]]).

Regards Reinhardt

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor


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repos/releng/cli!18nice-terminal-sizing-for-execmainaddshoredev: Resize terminal on exec commands
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gangleri wrote:

At a different
behaviour as mentioned before is experienced.

Regards Reinhardt

Please provide an exact series of steps to reproduce the
problem, including explanations of what, exactly, you
expected to happen and what, exactly, you found instead.

gangleri wrote:

old test case removed
provided new test case at


If a page contains a "<nowiki>" which is not closed (with a "</nowiki>") then
"</nowiki>" will be added automatically during save

  1. either to the end of the page
  2. or to the end of the section.

I called this "silent insertion" because no warning is generated.

Remark: Preview will not show this final "<nowiki>".

Regards Reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

gangleri wrote:

see bug 3275: Show warning about missing </gallery>

  • Bug 3275 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

gangleri wrote:

If a page contains a starting <pre> without a closing </pre> the last will be
inserted by the parser during save.


Not a bug, that's just how it works.

Eugene.Zelenko wrote:

Unfortunately the way how it works is not perfect.

Any kind of warning in this situation will be good idea.

Please do not close this issue just because somebody does not haw time to
improve software.