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[Notifications] Display notifications in Notifications Center
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Display live user notifications in the Notifications Center table view.

  • Interact with Notifications Data Controller to fetch available notifications for display
  • Configure available notification content into notifications cells and in appropriate display fields (title, message, etc.) and styles (read/unread)
  • Add sensible paging[3] if needed

Engineering Needs:
[1] The UI needs API on the Notifications Data Controller to interact with here
[2] We need the end-to-end testing environments to be set up and ready to poll against for actual content (in the Notifications Data Controller/Fetcher)
[3] What should our paging count/strategy be here?


Event Timeline

To be clear, the paging I'm referring to here is not explicitly in the UI element sense of the term (like dots on your home screen, or pages of emails in Gmail). My use of it is more in the under the hood engineering memory management sense of it (we have X total number of records, we can only load into memory Y at one time, as the user scrolls we start loading in the next Z records), which potentially has minor UI implications (like what to do at the bottom of a list that hasn't already prefetched the next Z records).

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For performance testing: be sure this list performs well (paging, refreshing, updating a mark as read state, filtering) with 10,000 notifications.