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[Notifications] Add primary actions for cells
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Add app navigation/deep link actions when the user taps a notification cell.

  • Set up notifications routing logic (per type, what is the destination view controller?)
  • Add primary "on tap" action per notification cell
  • Ensure primary action presentation style pushes destination on to navigation stack (as makes sense)

Product/Design Needs:
[1] Can we have a precise and specific list of where in the existing app to route the user to per notification type on cell tap (primary action)?

Engineering Needs:
[1] API contract with data model representing all notifications/notifications controller


Frame 3.png (14×8 px, 2 MB)


Link mappings for notification cells:


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@cmadeo This is a great resource, though it might be missing some of what we need (or I'm just missing it). In any case, ideally it'd be wonderful if we had a barebones, clear, concise, and concrete list without the extras that's easier to parse for the primary and the secondary actions per notification, but if you don't have the cycles to do that no worries.

I think the per notification data we'd need are:

  • Notification
  • Mention or Alert Type
  • In App Notifications Center Primary Tap Action
    • Destination/Action (where specifically in-app with what data are we expected to show if the user taps the cell)
  • In App Notifications Center Secondary Tap Actions and Destinations
    • List of Secondary Action titles
    • List of Secondary Action destination/action

PrimarySecondaryActions.png (657×1 px, 100 KB)

Waiting on other engineering work that needs to happen first.

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