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[SPIKE] Gather Phase 2 Wikis' Perceived Opt-Out Deployment Blockers
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This task involves the work of identifying the issues volunteers at the Phase 2 Reply Tool wikis (T288483) perceive as needing to be resolved before the Reply Tool can be offered as an opt-out setting.

Perceived Blockers

Wikis were decided in T280388.

WikiCodePerceived blocking tickets
French Wikipediafrwiki
Spanish Wikipediaeswiki
Italian Wikipediaitwiki
Japanese Wikipediajawiki
Persian Wikipediafawiki
Polish Wikipediaplwik
Hebrew Wikipediahewiki
Dutch Wikipedianlwiki
Hindi Wikipediahiwiki
Korean Wikipediakowiki
Vietnamese Wikipediaviwiki
Thai Wikipediathwiki
Portuguese Wikipediaptwiki
Bengali Wikipediabnwiki
Egyptian Wikipediaarzwiki
Swahili Wikipediaswwiki
Chinese Wikipediazhwiki
Ukrainian Wikipediaukwiki
Indonesia Wikipediaidwiki
Amharic Wikipediaamwiki
Oromo Wikipediaomwiki
Afrikaans Wikipediaafwiki


  • Tickets for all issues volunteers at each of the Phase 2 wikis (listed above) perceive as needing to be resolved before the Reply Tool can be made available by default to all users at their project
  • Perceived blocking issues are documented in the table above

Event Timeline

Volunteers did not raise any issues they perceived to be worthy of blocking deployment.