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[SPIKE] Verify Performance of Manual Topic Subscriptions at Phase 2 Wikis
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This ticket involve the work with verifying with the Performance / Data Persistence Teams that the deployment of Manual Topic Subscriptions as an opt-in Beta Feature at the Phase 2 Wikis (T287801) has NOT caused any performance regressions.

Open questions

  • What – if any – impact has the introduction of Manual Topic Subscriptions as a Beta Feature at all Wikipedias except the English Wikipedia (T287801) had on the site's performance?



  • Expected growth per year (number of rows).
    • We don't know yet. Hypothetically, if every one of ~30,000 users who edited talk pages last month subscribed to 3 new threads per day, we'd end up somewhere around 32M rows per year (on enwiki). This is probably a gross overestimate though.
    • We should be able to get a better idea once topic subscriptions are deployed on smaller wikis or as a beta feature.


Once the topic subscription feature is deployed to production (T274188), any time a new comment is posted in a section, that event is stored in a database (T264885).

If no changes are made to how these comments are stored, the performance of the database, and subsequently, the feature could degrade.


  • All ===Open questions are answered and documented in Phabricator