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Security Readiness Review For Vuex 4 (upgrade from Vuex 3)
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Project Information

Description of the tool/project:
Vuex is a state management system designed to be used with Vue.

Description of how the tool will be used at WMF:
Vuex will be used for more complex Vue-based front-end applications. Currently, Vuex 3.1.3 (which works with Vue 2.x) is used in production by the SDAW-MediaSearch and MachineVision projects.

Vue 3.x (for which a security readiness review is requested in T257734)

Has this project been reviewed before?
Older versions of both Vue and Vuex were reviewed in T168264

Working test environment

The Design Systems team will continue to be responsible for the Vue ecosystem in MediaWiki.


Author Affiliation
WMF Product

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