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Visualisation of most used languages when editing, relative to most spoken languages in the world
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When thinking about how to visualise the diversity of languages amongst editors we were looking for datasets that could be representative here.
Interesting here were:
Since for privacy reasons editor location is not accessible the used languages could also show how diverse the editor community is how much it is lacking diversity.

We were researching this quite a bit and only starting the prototype stage, will probably finish this after the Hackathon.

This is going to be dashboard built with Vue.js and D3.js.

Design: @Smit.shah86
Development: @KSiebert

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@Smit.shah86: Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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@Aklapper - Thanks for the followup.

About this task - I would like to keep this open as I am still working on it.

However, as mentioned by you, I need to identify and active project and add it's tag here - could you guide me as to how I can go about finding an apt active project for this task

Thanks and Regards,

@Smit.shah86: Hi, what *exactly* is being *tracked* in this task, I wonder? If the project planning takes place somewhere else (does it?) I don't see much value in keeping this very task open. :)

Acknowledged @Aklapper,

I understand there is not much detail here - as we sort were moving slowly here.

However I ensure you to have activity logged here in the coming week - by 30th Oct'21.

Please have this thread open till then - will myself request a closure if it doesn't work out by then.

Thanks & Regards,